Friday, October 16, 2009

Mikayla ATC


This Artist Trading Card is being mailed to my lovely pen pal Joanna.

Miki and Bosie dressed for this fine wint'ry October cold we have been having here in the New Englandy/Northern states.

Trying out some new pens! I found one black Stylist pen at the library and fell in love... and promptly ordered a box of black and a few individual colored ones. They are really nice for making even my sketches look a little more like complete pieces. Toying with the idea of black with one other color as an illustation style here, I rather like it!

Feedback would be lovely!

I had fun working with this size paper and expect to do more ATCs in the near future! Want one? Email your address to me ! Because these are free I will NOT be taking requests as to subject matter. What you get will be completely random- but it is fun! If you don't like what you get you can leave it somewhere for someone else to take. Do you make ATCs? I would love to trade!

Materials: ATC sized Bristol, Stylist Pens
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