About the Artist:
Artist at Work
Colleen Rauch, the artist behind Bombshell Cat Studios, is 23 years old. She has been drawing for at least 20 of those years. (She is also the artist and writer of "Miki and Sir.")

She loves old fashioned clothing (from "retro" to "rococo"), childrens books, fantasy stories and comic books, all of which are reflected in her  art style.

What is a "Bombshell Cat" anyway?
Baby the Original Bombshell Cat-
Isn't she glamorous?
The studio gets its name an logo from Harlean, aka "Baby", Colleen's cat.
Baby is in turn named after Jean Harlow, whose real name was Harlean and, like the cat, responded to "Baby."

Harlow is, of course, the original Hollywood Blonde Bombshell (having starred in the movie about Hollywood called "Bombshell") which should explain the name and logo even more.