Have an idea but no means of drawing it out yourself? You may want to commission the Colleen! Here are some guidelines to this process:
  1. Is your idea something you can easily see in Colleen's style? Look over the blog and see if there is something similar. (You might want to try another artist if your ideas suit their style better.) 
  2. Email your thoughts to Colleen ( talk is so cheap it is FREE! You do not have to commit to anything, just toss the idea out there and she will consider how best to tackle it. (And, again, if it does not suit her style... she may be able to direct you to someone else!) 
  3. Be warned: commissions cost money. Costs will vary! Sketches must be paid in full in advance, once the project is agreed to. (Sketch cost is generally between $5 and $15 depending on difficulty/time involved.) Paintings and colored pieces can be negotiated in payments, generally with a sketch cost up front for the time involved with concept sketches so there is some compensation for time and resources in the planning stages, even if you decide not to go through with the finished piece.
For internet transactions Colleen will be accepting PayPal ONLY. If she knows you in person feel free to discuss alternatives.