Monday, January 31, 2011

Mr. Toby Color Test

Stylist Pen and Crayola Crayons

Just a quick little sketch to test skin tone and other colors for Toby's upcoming appearance in "Miki and Sir." I think the skin tone works but I hope that I can find a better color for his shirt so he looks less... blah. Toby is NOT a "blah" kind of guy. 

The writing on the right side? Those are color notes. I try to keep track of what crayons I am using in the story and how many of them are NOT in a regular 24 box of crayons. (The goal is to keep the non-24 box colors to a minimum so that it is easy for fans to get a hold of the colors used.) Toby's skin tone is one of only three colors so far that is NOT a 24 Crayon Box crayon. (Tumbleweed is the color, for those interested.) 

Lady Isobel and Sir Theo

Stylist Pen & Crayola Crayons

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Miki Proportions - WIP

Bic Mechanical Pencil

Tonight I am doing a lot of work on getting Mikayla's proportions right. The above doodle (picture brought to you from my cell phone) is just one of many. For this particular one I used a picture of Margaret O'Brien as a reference. From this one I was able to stand Mikayla upright with the same proportions and then move her into different poses like a little doll. 

I find it weirdly easier to work with proportions if the original pose is not dead on. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

January Sketch Book Highlights

Silly Tryan Nonsense
BIC Mechanical Pencil, Crayola Crayons

Lady Anne
BIC Mechanical Pencil, Joneko's Gel Pens
(Collab with Joneko)

Sir and his Ladyface
BIC Mechanical Pencil

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shield Lesson

This image is of Sir Theo (I am sure you remember him... as he was one of the first focuses on this blog) and his squire, Johnathan. (Johnathan is Joneko's character.) While I was on my first real vacation in a small age, Joneko and I decided to pull Theo and his old universe out of retirement to start an "sort of secret project" that maybe you will someday see!! Not today though. Today you get to see THIS. 

I will, however, tell you a little bit about what is going on because I made this part up and am proud of it:  This is a defense lesson. It is a lesson that takes place early on in a squire's education. Two knights face off, each defending their squires. The squires are meant to watch and pick up on how the shield is used when defending another human being. Later on the squire is meant to defend a small child using only their body and the shield while their master tries to poke/tickle the child. The aim is not for the squire to defend himself- but rather to defend someone as unpredictable as, say, a screaming damsel. 

Materials: pencil (for sketch), black Stylist pen, Crayola crayons (24pk.), Joneko (my collaborator)

This art is (c) Bombshellcat Studion & Joneko 2011