Friday, July 30, 2010

Fake Wedding Invite

This was done most for my own amusement regarding an upcoming role-playing event- but it serves a practical purpose as well. This is a very good example of something I can do for commission: personalized silhouettes.

My silhouettes are drawn, not cut. Email me at if you are interested in these or any other sort of commission for pricing.

As always, the art here is © Bombshellcat Studio/Colleen Rauch 2010. Don’t steal, it’s not nice.
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Draco, Finished Piece

Stylist Pen, Watercolor and Watercolor Pencils. July 12th.
Super poor scan quality will not stop me from using my watercolors!
Did not bother correcting posture/pose. (Who holds a sword like that?!) This piece was mostly for reference in later art, should I decide to use him more in the future. I think I HAVE decided to use him more, at least for a little while. I like unpleasant people.

(c) Bombshellcat Studio/Colleen Rauch 2010. Do not use without permission.
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Two WIPs

Mara and Riona. Pencil. July 11th.
Will be sending this one to the penpal for inking/completion. :)

Draco "Redesign." Pencil. July 11th.
Draco is an old, old RP character. He comes from before Toby, before Theo... roughly around the time of Shenlun. (Middle School.)
My first portly male protagonist! I always forget how far back this little trend of mine goes. The three (Toby, Theo and Draco) have little in common other than this. Draco was a disagreeable "firey tempered" shapeshifter. (I tried very hard to make him as disagreeable as possible, but he still ended up being the apple of everyone's eyes.) Yes, he turned into a dragon. Most of the other characters were shapeshifters "born of stardust" that came with the names of constellations. They were semi-immortal, only able to die by being slain. As such, they had a lot of duels. Another fun factoid from this universe: the starborns could still get sick, they would just have to live with it forever if it was not curable. There were humans in this universe too, always going further into the starborn lands and killing the "demons" if they were the superstitious sort.

Someday I will write a lovely set of childrens chap books about these guys... only I probably won't.

As always (c) Bombshellcat Studio 2010. Stealing is wrong.
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Sketch Book Highlights #1

I have not been working on many complete or serious pieces lately, but I am trying to update once a week. As such, this week is all sketches.

The above are work doodles, all from the Potter-verse RP. Silly stuff. Pencil. No date.

Non-Potter Ryan and Toby having a moment of cute that does not involve glaring.
I'm as surprised as anyone. Pencil. July 3rd.

A whole page of Potter-verse Ryan doing her thing. Pencil. July 8th.

As always, these drawings are (c) Bombshellcat Studio/Colleen Rauch 2010. Please do not use without permission.
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