Monday, May 24, 2010

Sketch Book Highlights Spring 2010, Part One

This ^ is not from a sketch book. These are "work doodles" on scraps of recycled paper. I wanted to share them because I think they are very silly looking. Below are some of the sketches from my actual sketch book:

Mikayla and Bosie.
Drawn in pen on April 16th.

Charlotte and James Cole.
(Alternate universe Ryan and Tobias)
Pencil. April 20th.

Mikayla says "HELLO"
Pen. April 20th
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I really don't like putting that big old watermark on my tiny sketches. STILL: all images here belong to ME (as in (c) Bombshellcat Studio/Colleen Rauch 2010) so please do not use any of these images without permission.

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DILLIGAF said...

Mikayla is so cute!