Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Potter Art!

These two pieces are for a Harry Potter style RP I have been doing with two great/awesome pals of mine. Normally I am not one for the fan art (unless we are talking about Sailor Moon, admittedly) but these were really fun to draw!

The top piece was inked/shaded by Joneko, my pen pal extraordinaire! She took my piddly sketch and made it look almost like... something good. (Outside of a theater, sitting on a grocery bag no less.) The characters are Tobias (it is SO weird to draw him young), Ryan and Mikayla.

The below piece is from today, it features Theo and Mikayla. All me, all silly.
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DILLIGAF said...

Mikayla in her too-big robes is too cute!

bombshellcat said...

Thank you! I am pretty fond of that detail myself. :)