Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Sketch Book Highlights #1

I have not been working on many complete or serious pieces lately, but I am trying to update once a week. As such, this week is all sketches.

The above are work doodles, all from the Potter-verse RP. Silly stuff. Pencil. No date.

Non-Potter Ryan and Toby having a moment of cute that does not involve glaring.
I'm as surprised as anyone. Pencil. July 3rd.

A whole page of Potter-verse Ryan doing her thing. Pencil. July 8th.

As always, these drawings are (c) Bombshellcat Studio/Colleen Rauch 2010. Please do not use without permission.
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DILLIGAF said...

My favorite is the guy in the first one doing his little star-talk wand dance.