Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Miki as a tweenage super-heroine.
Hand-colored poster version available on Etsy! 

Space Knight is from the Sera Myu Musicals

Ruth and Thomas from a 1920s story in my head.
Why yes, they are just another version of Tobias and Ryan. 

Anne searches for her beloved companion… 


Annie and Bluey from ye ole failed comic.

Ballet doodles for “Miki and Sir.”

Sable belongs to Clear on Manga Bullet
(this was from an Art Trade) 



An is joneko’s character
(another Art Trade)

Minty for mintyhae on Manga Bullet

Art  is © Bombshell Cat Studio/Colleen Rauch 2011
Characters are © Bombshell Cat Studio/Colleen Rauch 2011 unless otherwise noted

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