Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dragonfly For Mom

Dragonfly, Stylist Pen

This evening my mom asked me to make her a business card, something I was more than willing to do. We tossed ideas about over the dinner table and quickly decided on a blue dragonfly, which I drew and inked immediately afterwards. Blue is my mom's favorite color, you see. 

Dragonflies have always been special to my mom, but they are even more precious since Grandma passed away last spring. Shortly after she passed away, two of my cousins were reunited with her in the form of a large dragonfly that shared their beach towel. After some research, my mom discovered that dragonflies are sometimes seen as go betweens with the spirit world. As a result, dragonflies are precious to us. 

My mom is a great peace-keeper and connector. I am sure she is part dragonfly and I am so glad she loves her cards. :)

(Also, special thanks to Joneko for cleaning my line art and making it blue.) 

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