Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Warm Up Sketches, No Guides

Today I made a very important decision- to do more "no guide" drawing. This means two things:
1. No using proportion guidelines
2. No references
While this does not make for good, polished pieces... it does help with capturing character instead of worry about "Gah! HER ARM IS NOT LIKE THAT!" all the time. It is also just plain fun!

Tobias, Pencil
This is a pretty good example of what "no guides" looks like: really messy! (Also: look! I have no idea what a guitar looks like!) Actually, when drawing Toby the lack of guides is very freeing because I stop thinking about his skeleton and start thinking "he's a pillow."

Ryan, Pencil
Since I ended up thinking less about anatomy, I got to make some basic but important design changes that better suit Ryan's character. Long hair? Not very practical for the girl on the run. Or the girl with five brothers.

Tobias, Pencil
On the other hand... if I were using guides you would be able to tell that Toby's hands actually make sense in this pose.

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